Low Carb, Low Calorie & Low Sugar Indian Sweets /

For a diabetes friendly Diwali

Diabetes friendly Indian sweets

What is different from traditional sweets?

Traditional sweets such as gulab jamun, burfi and laddu have anywhere from 170 calories per serving and 30g of carbohydrates. Our diabetes friendly sweets are made with natural ingredients that are sugar free, low carb and low calorie.

What are they made of?

We’ve tried numerous recipes with no additives, preservatives or sugar to keep the same traditional taste and texture. Naturally sweetened with Stevia so they won’t send blood sugar levels sky high. This is perfect if you’re on a diet or have Diabetes. Unlike other ‚diabetes friendly’ sweets, our products have no laxative effects.

Are they just for people with diabetes?

NO! Traditional sweets can leave even the healthiest of people feeling that sugar slump just 20 minutes after consuming them. Our diabetes friendly sweets will bring back all those memories of Diwali celebrations without causing huge spikes in blood sugar levels.

Where can I get them?

You can pick them up from Lotus Foods, 360 Foleshill Road, Coventry. Tel: 02476 665 914.